Tyler- I am not sponsored, the stuff I use on my bow is because it is what works for me. Below is the gear and equipment I use. Nothing fancy or too awful crazy, and the majority of these companies give alot back in the name of conservation.

For bowhunting, I have a 2014 Hoyt Charger 27.5″ DL @ 65 lbs. I have a Doinker Stabilizer, HHA Optimizer Single Pin Sight, G5 Meta Peep, Arizona Archery DOA rest and all the Limbsaver parts I can get on it. My arrow is a 404.5 grain Easton A/C/C 3-49/390 with 2″blazer vanes and red Nockturnal G-Nocks (my Eastons are the older ones, the newer versions take the X-Nock) I shoot 100 gr. Rage 2-blade Originals, 100 gr. Rage 2-blade Chisel Tips and the 100 gr. 1.75″ Swhackers. I use this set up on all I go after, excpet for squirrels, then I switch out the heads for a field point or Judo tip. On the fence about releases, really wanna go to a thumb, but currently shoot a Tru-Ball wrist release.

I do not own a rifle, or a muzzleloader, but I like Remington.

For camouflage A large portion of my clothing is Columbia PHG. It is comfortable, and does exactly what is needed. And, you can actually afford Columbia through various outlets.I am and will always be a fan of Mossy Oak. Obsession, is my favorite by far, but I am interested in trying out their new Mountain Pattern. I do however, have the up-most respect for Sitka Gear and First Lite for all they do for conservation and hunting. I would love to be able to afford their products one day.

I have Columbia Bugaboo IIs in Mossy Oak Infinty as my main go to boot. For a rubber boot, I use the Irish Setter Rut Master 2.0 uninsulated.

My oldest and possibly best piece of equipment is probably the most patriotic gun that has ever been. It is a Remington 870 12 guage with a black walnut stock. Shoots up to 3″.  Many a woodland creature has met its end at the end of this gun.