Engage and conserve outdoors

By now, you know that one of the main things that has led me to working to conserving our Earth is being outdoors. Hunting. Fishing. Trapping. Camping. Hiking. The list goes on. What do they all require? They require engagement.

So, myself and my best friends will be sharing our “engagements” on the landscape and our reasons for wanting to practice conservation across the landscape. We are calling it “Engage and Conserve Outdoors”. Pretty easy to follow. Our goal/mission is to show folks our times afield, in hopes that they will also use the outdoors to become more engaged, leading to doing their part to conserve out natural wonders.

If nothing else, we are funny. Some looking. Some talking. But we are funny…

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Feel free to send us an email at engageandconserve@gmail.com

Look forward to talking with y’all and sharing our experiences!!