The Hunt

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Many people say that conservation is a by-product of hunting. I can agree to an extent with this statement. To me, Hunting and Conservation are stand alone entities. Obviously due to hunters, conservation dollars and areas being protected are huge. But I know many conservationist who do not pursue wild game and just as many hunters who do not engage in conserving areas or species. To make a living, I am a conservationist. I chose that route, because I love to hunt. My obsession is hunting, which has only intensified due to my pursuit of conservation.

Anyone who has never experienced the rush of a deer coming in on a fall morning, or heard a gobbler hammering coming off the roost, or heard a grouse drumming so close that you think your heart is about to beat out of your chest, or watched a black bear stand on a log and start its “woof” sequence can never truly understand the working of the landscape with the wildlife. As hunters, that is what we live for. I cannot wait for the day when I get to witness my sons experience these aspects of hunting for the first time. I cannot wait to watch as they go from spectator to participant.

But, I do have one problem. My name is Tyler and I have a Bowhunting addiction. I got this from people I hung out with and continue to hang out with. I owe a big thanks to a few people, but most importantly to David and Jordan. Dudes stuck with me, topk me under their wing and are solely responsible for the rants and ravings of this blog and website…. Laugh it up kids.

And for the anti-hunters, please, Dont Hate While I Conservate