Davidson River

Growing up in WNC, I was beyond fortunate in the realm of fishing. Public streams and rivers all around, literally up ever holler and over every ridge. A fishing pole was inexpensive and bait could be found under a rock, in the top profile of the soil and in the fridge at the house. I spent a lot of time burning up the roads all over WNC hitting the fishing holes.

The fact that we still have streams that hold wild trout and have a diversity of species in rivers and streams up here is a direct result of conservation measures on the landscape. Practices that reduce sediment, animal waste, nutrient loading, and stormwater management have all led to positive impacts on aquatic and terrestrial habitats and their residents. But, its a constant battle and we gotta stay vigilant. There are many issues still going on today with stream health and anglers should not be the only ones doing their part. Hunters need to take stock, where do you think the wildlife drink from? And the recreation bunch, are you going to swim in a hole that kills fish? Want a 3rd eyebrow?

If you are an angler or hunter, you need to walk into your local Conservation District office and ask how to help.