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The idea for this blog came about while working in the conservation field and also while dealing with a Forest Plan Revision on US Forest Service managed land in WNC.

The term “True Conservationist” is not me proclaiming to be and/or thinking myself to be all that is conservation. In fact, its quite the opposite, I am not the authority, but I am obsessed with learning all I can in hopes that my sons will benefit from it. True conservation as a thought is about learning all you can or want to about how to be the best steward of the land for your goals. For me, it comes back to wildlife. Always has, always will.

Another thing that is continuing to lack in the realm of hunting, angling and conversation are facts. We can get speculation and emotion all day, but very little facts. A clear cut, for example, is demonized on an hourly basis by anti-hunting and pro-preservation organizations. Why? Scientifically speaking, they have no basis. From the aesthetics side of things, its ugly. But to me, and many hunters, its a thing of beauty. We know after those first few years it is going to be a jumbled up mess of some awesomeness springing forth from the ground. We know within that awesomeness is bedding, cover, brooding habitat and food. The majority of people who oppose management of a landscape have very little base in science and a whole lot in what someone else thinks. Think for yourself, research for yourself, fact check me.

I hunt and fish so I can eat. Do I love the challenge? Absolutely, I stay up at night reliving hunts and thinking of what could happen in my next hunt. I day dream about all the different species there are. But bigger than that to me, is the fact that what I harvest is 100% organic free-range meat. When I die, I already have an Intercessor. While I am on this Earth, if I can do something without having someone else take my place I will. My pursuit for wild game as my families primary source of protein is part of that.

Would love to hear from you and welcome your feedback and suggestions.  What do you wanna talk about? What questions might I be able to help with? Use our Contact Us page to tell us what you like, hate, love, wanna hear more about, or just to say howdy!

Tyler: I live in WNC with my wife Britney, our 2 boys. I work in conservation for a local entity of government that helps landowners in all matters of natural resource conservation. Wanna leave this earth better than I found it, and make sure changes happen to give my sons and future progeny more of a chance in WNC than I have had. I am a public lands advocate, both management and federal possession.  QDMA volunteer.  BHA Volunteer. Wildlife Advocate.

Chad A. Rischar

Chad A. Rischar is the Southeast Chapter Backcountry Hunters and Anglers (BHA) Vice-Chair.  He resides in northeast Florida and is a classically trained soil scientist and natural resource manager.  He is a generalist hunter/angler and spends much of his discretionary time exposing his three children to the outdoors.  He is also a board member of the Florida Wildlife Corridor and seeks to advance every opportunity to engage the 21st Century approach to conservation with a modicum of hunting, angling. and wanderlust.  He wishes to instill the outdoor passion to youth and seeks to resonate the the intrinsic values of wildlife habitat with like-minded folks.  Most notably, Chad wishes engage a broader audience, those that are “on-the-fence” of conservation.  That is truly the cast net deployed and should be engaged in the strategic process.